Saturday 31 August 2013

Vintage 1900 American Grain Sack Graphic Reference

Indiana Seamless Flour Sack Graphics

Shipshewana Food Sack Graphics

Traditional Indiana Amish Quilt made from Recycled Grain Sacks

Food Sack Quilt

Sunday 25 August 2013

Vintage 1920's Stencil Wooden Crate Graphics

Antique Fresh Fruit Farm Crates

Shipshewana-Indiana Antique Fair-Pre Budweiser 1920's Crate Images

Saturday 17 August 2013

50's Vintage Hot Rods

Jalopy Vintage Car Meet- Sarnia Canada Near Detroit
Vintage 50's Hot Rod Poster Graphics

Saturday 10 August 2013

Vintage 1890's Mens Shirt Print Amish Quilts

Stifel prints found in Shepshewana Indiana

Amish Star Quilt
Re coloured Ditsy's in Black and Oxblood

Indigo Ohio Star Quilt

Indiana Railroad Quilt

Fantastic Original 1890 Worker Hammer Ditsy Logo

Thursday 8 August 2013

Rising Sun Mfg Co "Razor" 14oz Rinse Indigo White Selvage Jeans (Part 1-8 8 13)

Union Made Investment!!! -Best Raw Selvage Jeans of the season from Mildblend Supply Co Chicago

Patent Expandable Selvage Back Pocket Gusset Detail-Twill lined
2 Pronged Clinch Copper Rivets and wide hem White Selvage
Expert Vintage Union Special Chain Stich Hemming while you wait by Luke Cho